About Us

Our team is small but mighty, as we passionately serve women and youth from around the world to contribute to our vision of a more representative world. 

Akshaya Aalla 

Founder and President

Akshaya Aalla is a Junior at Whitney High School, where she strives to bring passion and impact to her campus and community. Her interests include exploring the intersections of public policy, race and ethnicity, and education to better understand how they impact society and our school systems. She has an extensive background in democracy, currently serving on numerous youth boards and coalitions, along with working for multiple state-sponsored advocacy organizations to combat women's inequity.

Asia Rodney Collins

Director of Finance

Asia Rodney Collins is a highly motivated and passionate student at Atlanta Girls’ School. Her diverse background and various achievements as an advocate in her community, business consultant, and journalist for VOXATL have only further fueled her passion.  As a creative thinker who enjoys collaborating with others to brainstorm innovative solutions, she dedicates herself to closing the gender gap in politics by making a meaningful contribution as It’s Her Right’s Director of Finance.

Isabelle Lawton

Director of Journalism

Isabelle Lawton is a Junior at West Salem High School, and is working to engage in her community by making an impact through journalism! She has gained experience through contributing to her school newspaper as well as being a member of the ORYMCA Youth and Government press corps. She has additional writing experience through creative writing courses and fun personal projects. She is ecstatic to share her passion through It's Her Right's blog and cannot wait to make a difference through one of her favorite activities: writing!

Isabella Tomasini

Director of Communications

Isabella Tomasini is a Junior at Whitney High School, serving as an active voice on campus and in her community. Acting as an executive board member in clubs, an editor at a nationally award-winning yearbook, and a team member at a state-sponsored organization, she has miles of experience in student-directed programs and the passion to back it up.

Sneha Doddapaneni

Director of Events and Programs

Sneha Doddapaneni is a Junior at Lathrop High School, and has the ideas, creativity, and passion required to help It's Her Right run smoothly. She is accomplished and has a surplus of experience, as she's part of multiple clubs, executive boards, student council, leads chapters of other acclaimed organizations such as the American Red Cross and Key Club International!

Teniola Tobun

Director of Governmental Affairs

 Teni Tobun is a highly motivated rising junior in Maryland. She is dedicated to fighting for global women's rights and the closing of the gender pay gap. In her free time she enjoys playing sports and cooking!

Sreeja Thirukkovalur

Director of International Affairs

Sreeja Thirukkovalur attends the University of St. Thomas, completing a double major in Economics and International Relations with a focus on human rights. She has been involved in numerous national and international campaigns fighting to end gender inequality, sexual violence and violence against women. Not only is she optimistic for the changes that will occur in community spaces through this organization but also being able to uplift, educate, and support women running for office.

Khady Fall

Director of Chapter Management

Khady Fall is a driven Junior at ICSA, an international school in Cote d'Ivoire. She has been able to make impacts in her school as a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice advocate and Student Council President. Through her work she was able to have her school featured on CNN! Khady is passionate about equity in politics and industries and is excited to help other students start chapters of It's Her Right.

Aima Sadaqat

Director of Outreach

Aima is a highly passionate and a hard working student at PakTurk Maarif International Schools and Colleges in Pakistan. She always stands for human rights and is dedicated to bring a positive impact to her community by raising her voice for women rights and societal issues.

AShmita Goel


Ashmita Goel is a Senior at West Ranch High School and loves collaborating with other individuals to better her community. Giving back to others and helping to create a positive influence are her biggest goals. For fun, she is an avid golfer and plays on her school’s golf team. 

Meenakshi SV


Meenakshi SV is a grade 12 student studying in India. She's passionate about women's rights and feels that the right media coverage can give a game changing impetus to any movement. Apart from that, she's an avid quizzer and plays soccer in her free time.

Delnaz Kazemi


Delnaz Kazemi is a recent high school graduate in Oklahoma City. She is looking forward to attending university this fall to study politics and international relations. This summer, she is coaching gymnastics while also working as a clerk for a pharmacy. Delnaz has an organization called “Do You Know What You Know?” that aims at educating people of all ages on news literacy and disinformation detection. 

suzanne Xu


Suzanne is an ambitious sophomore at Union High School with a strong passion for encouraging advocacy in youth. She seeks to inspire and educate others through her writing and dedicates herself to serving her community in order to build a more equitable and just future.